Shepstone Gardens | Lovebirds & Buttons | W&R

I just love it when it all comes together, as was the case for Roxanne (Caeiro) and Warren Bodley’s beautiful wedding at Shepstone Gardens!

Book cover design with lovebirds and buttons

From the most beautiful gown I’ve had the pleasure of shooting, to the “lovebirds and buttons” table themes and enchanting venue, every detail worked together in the most amazing colour palette. The light was every photographer’s dream.

Roxanne and Warren met through a friend, who also happened to be the maid-of-honour, and began dating a year later. She shares some thoughts on their special day…

“Our wedding day was beautiful. We wanted a small wedding with only our closest family and friends – because ultimately, your friends are the family you choose. I think that’s what made the day so special – it was small and intimate. Every aspect of the day was natural and flowed so easily. The conversations were fruitful, fun and honest.

We loved both the important moments as well as the little ones…

Our pastor was animated and humorous, but also carried across His message so well – all of our guests loved the ceremony. We couldn’t light our unity candles for some time, which was quite funny…

During the family shoot, my sister suggested that Warren and his brothers lift me for a photo and as you know, I took a tumble. Warren said his wrist gave way – I wasn’t phased, I just thought it was too funny. My dress was still in one piece and the day went on.

The speeches were a big highlight too. From Warren’s tumbling costume uncovered to the more meaningful words that were spoken – that is why we love our friends and family so much.

And of course the first dance – we hadn’t practiced and eventually Warren picked me up and carried me to the bar… A few people said that’s what got all the guests dancing.

I didn’t want a traditional white gown. Instead, I wore a beautiful dusty pink vintage-fairy gown and my favorite aspects of it were the little leaves. They reminded me of new beginnings and beauty in nature.

Nature… Shepstone Gardens really is the venue of all venues – an unexpected gem. It was absolutely beautiful and made for the perfect backdrop for all our photos…

Thank you, for such beautiful images. The wedding day was so special and Warren and I are both so grateful that we have so many great memories captured to keep forever. Your compositions are lovely…

 Our suppliers were all amazing – punctual and professional – we didn’t have to stress about anything. From  decor and catering, to the makeup and hair – it was all very well executed.

Decor & Flowers | Oopsie Daisy Catering | Miya’s Catering Cake | Magnolia Cakes Makeup |  Janell Donders Hair | Michelle – Hair Innovations ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0000 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0002 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0003 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0004 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0005 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0006 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0009 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0010ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0052ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0011 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0012 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0013 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0014 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0015 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0016 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0017 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0018 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0019 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0020 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0021 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0022 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0024 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0025 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0026 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0027 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0028 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0029 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0030 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0031 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0032 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0033 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0034 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0035 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0036 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0037 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0038 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0039 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0040 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0041 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0042 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0043 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0044 ShepstoneGarden_Wedding_W&R_0051


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