Pig & Whistle | Bathurst | Wes & Rox

Roxanne Austin & Wesley Cragg tied the knot at the historical Pig & Whistle Inn, the first established pub in South Africa. With their family still in Bathurst, this down to earth couple wanted to celebrate their nuptials close to home, and made the trip down from their joint work at a game reserve where they work as lodge manager and game ranger respectively.

Having always grown up on a farm and loving vintage themes with lace, burlap and fynbos flowers, Roxanne built the theme of Country Vintage around this. Hailing from the Eastern Cape, the couple loves the old heritage of the area, and the The Pig and Whistle Inn was the perfect venue, which the bride describes as a place with “a lovely warm feel to it”.

When asked about her favourite detail of the day, Roxanne found it hard to pick, saying:

“It was definitely the suits, which made my husband to be look so handsome. My amazing bridal gown which fitted me perfectly on the day and fitted in with the theme perfectly, it made me feel like a real elegant woman. My favourite however was my bouquet and flowers as these came out exactly how I had pictured them and especially because so much love went into making them, as the night before myself, mom, aunt, sister and cousin all helped by assembling the flower arrangements over a good glass of wine and great conversation. So much love went into this wedding which made each aspect extra special.”

We had a lot of fun light painting at the end of the night, this is such a fun couple, and I wish them all the happiness in their future together!

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Photos| Natalie Field

Second Shooter | Benita Page

Event planner / Stylist | Roxanne Austin (Bride)

Florist | Roxanne Austin & Caryl Anne Austin (Bride & Mother)

Stationery (invites, place cards, favour tags etc) | Papermaster (Port Elizabeth)

Ceremony venue | Wesleyan Methodist Church (Bathurst, Eastern Cape)

Reception venue | Historical Pig & Whistle Inn (Bathurst, Eastern Cape)

Catering | Kingston Farm (Bathurst, Eastern Cape)

Cake | Haricots Deli & Bistro (Grahamstown, Eastern Cape)

Rings: Andronikis Manufacturing Jeweller (Grahamstown, Eastern Cape)



Bridal gown | Lynda Harvey Benjamin (Family)

Veil | Made by Caryl Anne Austin (Mother of bride)

Shoes | YDE

Hair | Icon – Gill Worral (Port Alfred, Eastern Cape)

Makeup | Adelina – Charisma A (Port Alfred, Eastern Cape)


Suit: Hire Society http://www.hiresociety.co.za/

Shoes: Woolworths

Groomsmen suits: Hire Society





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