UK Destination Wedding | Elms Barn | David & Leanne’s Bigstick Wedding

The #BIGSTICK wedding! Celebrating British Spring time in this destination wedding at the Elm Barn in Suffolk with quirky and fun couple David and Leanne!

Having befriended David Biggins at conferences he attended in South Africa a few years back, we became “Facebook friends”. And it was here that I first heard the news of his unconventional proposal from his bride-to-be, Leanne Eastick! For, you see it, it was leap day 2016! And as customs would have it, this is a ladies once in a four year opportunity to pop the question! Off course, I commented (and perhaps hinted a little). And one thing lead to another…

So there I was in the little town of Beccles, to photograph this colourful and fun wedding at the Elm Barn. A beautiful venue on an old estate with Spring blossoming all around! And this was the theme pulled through from the bouquet to the bridesmaids dresses and table arrangements.   Even the favours were packets of seeds (which I snuck back into SA and look forward to planting when Spring arrives here). And the sunny weather played along beautifully.

With DIY projects aplenty, laugh out loud speeches and even the reforming of a band for this event, it was really something special!

A special thanks to David and Leanne for trusting me to come all that way to capture these amazing memories! I know you are going to happy a life! You are just that kind of awesome!

Bigstick_1_Intro (1)_WEBBigstick_1_Intro (2)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (1)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (8)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (4)_WEBBigstick_1_Intro (27)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (17)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (23)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (32)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (34)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (40)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (45)_WEBBigstick_2_Biggins (56)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (2)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (4)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (5)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (8)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (12)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (14)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (17)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (25)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (30)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (34)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (36)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (51)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (57)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (60)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (62)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (69)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (72)_WEBBigstick_3_Eastick (80)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (26)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (39)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (41)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (46)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (58)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (65)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (77)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (82)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (88)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (90)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (102)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (109)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (113)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (17)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (120)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (16)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (20)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (42)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (43)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (50)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (55)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (57)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (60)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (68)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (64)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (71)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (78)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (72)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (80)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (81)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (84)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (88)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (92)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (101)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (103)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (105)_WEBBigstick_5_Photoshoot (107)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (13)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (10)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (12)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (21)_WEBBigstick_4_Ceremony (14)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (2)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (11)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (14)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (17)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (25)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (38)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (77)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (83)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (121)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (128)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (132)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (182)_WEBBigstick_6_Reception (45)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (6)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (12)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (18)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (94)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (126)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (128)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (130)_WEBBigstick_7_Party (132)_WEB


Photos: Natalie Field Photography

Venue: Elms Barn
Florist: Teena at Elms Barn
Stationery: DIY
Cake & Desserts : DIY
Decorative elements & Favours: Paper Bea


Bridal gown: Oriana by Phase Eight
Hair: Julie Smith
Makeup: Katie Barnes
Bridesmaid dresses: Uttam Boutique


Groom’s Suit: Robert Oliver Tailor

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